Sunday, January 6, 2013

Confessions of a Private Blogger...

Finally! A blog I am making public! Little do you know (or anyone for that matter), I am the author of several blogs-- all of which have remained (and will continue to remain) private over the course of several years (off and on since 2009!). My idea of eventually making these blogs public derailed quickly- mainly due to blogging commitment issues and honestly, lacking an overall sense of purpose (rather more of like an e-diary). Also-- they were not the prettiest..meaning the formatting/editing of this one will be a work in progress. (Still not entirely sure what a favicon or a navbar is yet). Each initial post, highlighted "new beginnings" in my life that I was about to experience, promising myself (and my pretend readers) that this new life chapter was going to bring documented "experiences, self-reflections, inspirations, new friends, life lessons, "aha moments", feelings, internal struggles, and philosophical epiphanies". While I did, in fact, come back to these things from time to time, it soon evolved into more of an e-venting kinda blog due to various life events.
Lucky for you (and maybe my pretend readers), the purpose of this blog is not to serve as a medium for venting about various life stressors. Rather, I am going to focus on the art of living. What is living and why do I consider it a form of art? What I mean by living is to soak up life, to enjoy every second, to take advantage of every opportunity, to experience relationships, to be open to people and have an open mind about everything and everyone, to experience love, to learn and grow from life experiences, to create....anything, and most importantly be entirely conscious of it at all time. All too often, I feel like people do not truly live and so life happens to them rather than them creating a life of their own. This is why I consider living a form of art.
With the endless adventures Colorado has to offer, it is easy to do a whole lotta living. Many new adventures and and events are already in store for 2013 and I cannot wait to document each and every one of them! Stay tuned...

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  1. Great first post, Meg! Looking forward to following!! xo