Thursday, January 17, 2013

Ski Bummin'

January 4th-6th, Rob and I ventured to the high country with two of our good friends, Steve and Lara, for a fun-filled weekend of skiing, homemade vodka drinking, hot-tubbing, and jam-banding. Our first day on the slopes began in Breckenridge.  In true Steve and Lara fashion, a good ski day means starting the day off right with an ice cold PBR beer on the first lift.  Soooo tasty at 10 in the morning.
We picked the perfect weekend- bluebird days and 30 degree temperatures the whole time we were there (For those of you who are not avid skiers, these are considered good skiing conditions. Bluebird= not a cloud in the sky). We skied for most of the morning until we took a lunch break at the top of peak 9. There, we enjoyed our turkey sandwiches and sipped on beers and whiskey/hot chocolates. Apparently, this establishment is privately owned and therefore, not as expensive as some of the other bars/restaurants on top of the mountain (sorry, can't remember the name and couldn't find a website).
Meckes joined us too!
After a day on the slopes, we headed to our hotel where we bee-lined it to the hot tub to soak our tired bodies and enjoy Steve and Lara's home-made pineapple/raspberry infused vodka drinks. Now, I am not a big vodka drinker but this vodka was AMAZING! What's even better is that apparently, it is a sinch to make! All you need is fresh fruit and vodka, let it soak for several days and voila! Delicious fruity vodka without all the unnecessary hangover sugars. Later that night, we ventured to The Snake for some drinks and live music.
Saturday morning after a breakfast burrito and perhaps the best bloody Mary I have ever experienced (made with home-made garlic,habanero, basil infused vodka. Ugh! Be still my heart!), we ventured out into the cold for day 2 of skiing- this time at Keystone.
After about 5 hours of skiing, we decided to call it a day and headed down to the bar at the base of the mountain for a little apr├Ęs ski action. This was SO entertaining! See the little boy holding the red cup? Any guess as to what song the band was playing? Yep- you guessed it! Toby Keith- Red Solo Cup! This was where the little boy stood the WHOLE song, unmoving. How hilarious and adorable is that?! Their very little own red solo cup holder. Toby would be so proud.

 After a few songs, the band decided enough was enough with the youngsters and requested that "all the college girls come up to the stage".  Ummm...what?! The bar was clearly filled with families and it was 4 in the afternoon- there had to be at least 15 kiddos up there! Much to their dismay, there were zero girls who took advantage of their friendly little gesture.  Can't blame a guy for trying I guess...pervert.

Then came one of the best party tricks I have seen in a long time.  See the tin cup next to the beer bottles, behind the taps in the picture above?  Anytime the bartender received a quarter, he effortlessly tossed it on the green awning and it easily slid into the tin cup.  Naturally, we had to get a little wager going and that's where we got hustled by the bartender...twice, forcing us to stay for another round of brewskis.

No hanky panky in the gondola-- says Rob.

Can never get enough of the sunset behind the mountains. SO amazeballs! And- perfect photo opportunity to capture Lara's curly straw while enjoying cocktails in our very own hot tub time machine.

Some day I will own a home in the mountains with a ski chair such as this.

Chalk another one up in the books for another incredible ski weekend! Can't wait for the next one!

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  1. you're livin' the dream, girlfriend! always love the pics you include, too :)