Monday, March 4, 2013

February Fun!

Wow, is it really March already?! I cannot believe how fast the month of February went.  I guess it kinda makes sense though, seeing as how it is the shortest month! Anywho, it's like they always say- time flies when you're havin' fun and that is exactly what I did this month. Rob and I made it to our first Red Rocks show of 2013 on February 1st to see Macklemore & Ryan Lewis.  This was my first hip hop show ever, so I was very pumped to have my first experience be at Red Rocks.  If you have never been to a Red Rocks show, you MUST  go at some point!  It doesn't really doesn't get much better, no matter who you see! Between the natural acoustics and the plethora of THC-smoking adolescents acting a fool, it is inevitable you will have an amazing time!

Once a winter (usually in February) Red Rocks hosts what is called Winter on the Rocks- a one night concert event in the dead of winter.  We bundled up, packed a few whiskey shooters and headed to the show.  When we arrived at the entrance, we were greeted by a long line consisting of highly intoxicated what looked like high schoolers, but were more likely to be college students (I don't ever remember looking that young when I was in college).  Despite the fact that these youngsters made us feel ancient, we were highly entertained watching them stumble up the stairs, suspend their counsciousness while standing up, and topple over onto employees.  I mean, it was pretty amazing if you ask me! Clearly, we were the old, sober odd balls but at least we made a bff while standing in line.  He took the picture below: 

 and then wanted to be in the picture himself:

We headed into the concert and bee-lined it the Chipotle food stand to down some bison chile before the show (what we were probably most excited about). 

Despite the teenage wasteland and my shooters being snaked, the show was  amazing and made me extremely excited for the 2013 concert season!

Another exciting event that happened in my life this month is one of my best buds moved across the country to be with me! Well, not really-- Kate has been talking about Denver long before I decided to up and move  here. After years of procrastination and almost a year of living abroad in Thailand, she decided to pull the trigger and is now here to stay!  I could not be more excited for her! Still working on how I can get the rest of my favorite people out here...

Hiking in Boulder

Per uschz, the month also consisted of many skiing adventures, including my first trip to Beaver Creek!

Looks fake, don't it?!

Clearly, we were all ready for this one.

Another event that occurred in February was my good friend Courtney came to visit. This was her first time to Colorado, so naturally  I had to take her to a few of my favorite hot spots, including Pinche Tacos (best tacos in Denver), Vita (one of my favorite happy hour spots), and Williams & Graham (trendy prohibition-style bar).  We also hit up the down town and visited several of Denver's main attractions (16th Street Mall, Capital building, Occupy Wall Street Park).

On Saturday, we woke up super early to head to Breckenridge for a fun day of skiing:


Such a fun weekend and cannot even express how good it was to see her! Until next time BB... :)


Apparently people do get pissed when your car is not fuel efficent or low emissions and you park in the delegated parking space.

I'm not too old to celebrate Fat Tuesday!


  1. Love the "just lazy" note on the car. hahaha. Great posts and pics, as always! I hope to make your blog someday. haha. Love you!