Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Soup a Loop in Denver! (parte dos)

"The 20's are for having fun"- Meghan Campbell
We had quite the little day 2 Saturdays ago, let me tell ya! (reeeeeeeally need to do something about keeping my blog more updated don't I!?) We, (as in the Meghans, Kate and Leah) headed to Coral Room for a delightful brunch to start the day off.  I love this hidden little gem in my hood because the food is delicious, the ambiance rocks, and you never have to wait for a table.  In Denver, this is very rare.  All my top favorite brunch places are always packed on Saturday and Sunday with the wait time being at least an hour...which can be completely miserable.  I don't know about you, but when I wake up I am ready to eat! By the time brunch rolls around, I am absolutely starving and sitting around waiting for a table is just not acceptable. Eating a snack beforehand just completely defeats the whole purpose!  Case in point as to why we went to Coral Room. 

One thing I love about this place is they have several vegetarian options.  I wouldn't classify myself as complete vegetarian yet; however, these days I have been eating far less meat and notice that I feel a ton better.  But don't get me wrong, I do love me a few sticks of bacon or a few buffalo wings from time to time. Lately, I just haven't wanted any meat...until our server told us about this special little treat that's not on the menu.  I don't remember what it was called or if it even has a name, but it was bacon dipped in brown sugar and then fried in pancake batter and may or may not have been sprinkled with powdered sugar.   It looked like something you would eat at a fair and was just SO amazing. You should probably get that next time you're there or maybe just go there for that reason alone.
Post brunch, we wandered over to Kate's friend Lindsay's for a BBQ, where we spent the remainder of the afternoon and early evening  meeting awesome new people, sippin' back on a few cocktails, and engaging in quite the ridiculous 4 o'clock dance party.  I am pretty sure while everyone else was inside, there were about 9 girls outside double dutching with imaginary jump ropes to Rhianna and Lady Gaga. Here are a few pics from the par-tay:
My Girls!


She tried to do this to a waiter once in Thailand.


#fabfiveforlife (Meghan, Leah, Kate, me, Lindsay T.)
 Like every good basketball team, every middle school has a group of girls who refers to themselves as The Fab Five.  This is a group of carefully selected individuals that every other person outside of this unique formation loves to hate and hates to love. I can speak for myself to say that I was never part of any official Fab Five arrangement throughout my childhood.  However, 11 years into being an adult, I can now say that I am officially part of such a group (thanks to Lindsay for coining it).  I don't believe the definition from middle school exactly translates to adulthood; however, I am pretty sure that on this particular day we all believed it did!

And THEN..while the Fab Five was doing THIS:

THIS happened:

And it was just the funniest thing that could have ever been.

Later in the evening, Meghan and I met up with Rob and co. at Cervantes Masterpiece for a live 90's band, where we just rocked out all night to Nirvana, Oasis, Smashing Pumpkins, STP, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Sublime et al.  The Spice Girls were even there, in full costume.  Perhaps my only regret of the night is not capturing Rob and his friend's reaction when Mother came on the loud speakers.  It just so happens that this is the song that Rob and the same friends at the show (minus one), all get up on stage and karaoke.  So as you can imagine, it was total bro city for a hot minute there.
Pre 90's band, 90's band.

Everything about this night was amazing including this guy, who also ended up being in the band. He looks a bit terrified though, doesn't he?

You really cannot beat the 90's, I mean look at this guy!
Me, Rob, Cirino, Meg

A trend that I have noticed over the last several months is that super fun Saturdays often lead to not so fantastic Sundays.  In fact, we had SO much fun that Meghan was forced to change her 11:30 AM flight to a much later one.  It truely was touch and go there for a while Sunday morning, but we managed to peel ourselves out of bed, pick up breakfast burritos (which have saved my life a time or two or ten), and head over to Kate's so we could visit with her before taking Meghan to the airport.  Here, Meghan presented both Kate and me with candy and these very sweet, very true (still blank) Easter cards.  And this is one of the millions of reasons why we love Meghan Campbell:

Oh, and this too:

 We then headed to Sloan's Lake to take advantage of the amazing sunshine where we walked the whole perimeter without wearing any sunscreen:
Have I ever mentioned how much I love it here?!
After basking in the sun for a few hours, we took our sunburned selves to Little Man Ice Cream, the best ice cream stand in Denver!  Here, there is always at least a 20 minute line, but it is well worth it.  And because it was Easter, you had the option of receiving a complimentary Peep:
As with all of my visitors, it is always SO sad to see them go especially after such an amazingly awesome weekend.   As I sit back and re-read this post and my previous posts, it really makes me think about all the amazing people I have encountered throughout my life who will always live in my smile, even despite the geographical monster.  I feel so fortunate to be able to write about all these beautiful individuals who have enriched my life so much and have made my life so....fun! After all, that is what the 20's are for, right Meg?! Time is running out... :)



  1. I just re-read this and wish I could just pop back over for another visit immediately! This whole geographic distance is a real bummer, but it does make me excited to plan my next visit :) I miss you and am so so grateful for you in my life! xoxo

  2. I knowww!! I wanted you to come back like yesterday!! Can't wait for the next one..or my next one! :) Love you!