Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Soup a Loop in Denver! (parte uno)

Happy Hump Day fellow blog readers! I hope you all had a fabulous Easter weekend and are having a wonderful week so far! On Monday, I felt like an official blogger because while all of you guys were slaving away at work, I was home writing on my blog.  Soooo yeah...I guess you could say I was kind of legit that day even though I didn't post anything until right now...

Anyway..I had been wanting to take a personal day from work for a few weeks now- to clean, do laundry, do my taxes, grocery shop for the week, update my blog- catch up on life essentially.  However, I was waiting for the day to arrive when I just couldn't bear to peel myself out of bed and lug myself in to work.  While I love all the activity on the weekends, these life things tend to get neglected from time to time. After a super amazing weekend, I just could not fathom the peeling of the self out of bed thing, so I decided Monday was the day I was going to get my life back on track. First though, let me tell you about my little gem of a weekend..

One of my best friends, Meghan Campbell, came to visit! Meghan was my roomie in Chicago for three wonderful years and because we share the same name, our friends often referred to Meghan as "Soup" and me as "SuPasta". (Soup comes from her last name (Campbell Soup- get it!) and mine was a nickname from college that originated from an AIM screen name and continued throughout my life in Chicago and now is the title of my blog).  Needless to say, introductions were always fun and we made one fantastic dynamic duo.  Wherever Soup is, good times and laughter always follow. So as you can probably guess, it was a pretty dyn-o-mite weekend.

After a long and grueling work week, Meghan flew in Thursday evening so we could get an early start on Friday.  We woke up early Friday morning and headed to Breckenridge, for a day on the slopes.  According to the lift ticket still attached to her coat, she had not skied since our last ski trip in the U-P (circa 2008).  I must say, I was quite impressed with her skills...espcially when sking backward. Talk about a natural (ability and fashion)!


Ski Lift!


The next series of photos were when I tried to do a koala pose on her back, which to no suprise, did not turn out too well.  My vertical leap has never been stellar, so not really sure why I thought jumping in ski boots on to her back would generate successful results.  Nevertheless, we had a good laugh and I think we really entertained the photographer and the other individuals in the line that had slowly accumulated while we were having our moment.  After all that, the photographer had the nerve to ask us if we wanted anymore photos... I am 95% sure he was making fun of us..

Jump on back, take 1


"Umm..do you guys want anymore photos"
 After a long day on the mountain, we decided to head into the town of Breckenridge to explore a bit.  We hit up a few local boutiques and then headed back to sunny and 60 degree Denver.   One of my favorite things about Colorado is you can be in a world of snow one minute and in warm sunshine the next. Somehow we had accumulated 905 drinking vessels as seen in the picture below:

Not sure how this happend!
 Later Friday night, Rob, Kate, Meghan and myself headed to Lola's for some tasty Mexican seafood.  Meghan, Kate, and I were all really good friends back in Chicago and it all seemed too good to be true that here we were again..just catchin' up over some margs and chips and guac- just like old times! It is kind of crazy how you can go so long without seeing a person and all of a sudden they just fit back into your life perfectly without missing a beat!

Two of my most favorite people EVER! (Meghan and Kate)

Cheers-ing our oysters.
   Then, Rob and Meghan C. headed to Highland Tap and Burger for some March Madness..........  Just kidding! We were all there, except you can't really tell based on this tricky photo:

Just creepin' in the shadows...

Stay tuned for parte dos of this fantastic weekend and other things I have yet to update!




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  1. I just got a little emo reading this...miss you already! Just like old times! TOO much fun (literally too much fun since I could not physically get on my flight in time to leave). BTW Rob and I look GOOD :)